What M S Dhoni teach us on financial planning

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly the most successful and best captain who has scripted many glorious victories for India in the field of cricket. More than just as a sportsman or a captain, MSD is most loved for his persona. His story of success is surely an inspiration to millions. Dhoni’s deep-seated qualities can give us some valuable lessons on financial planning front too!

  • Believe in Yourself and Strategize your Move


Hailing from a small-town middle class background, MSD never let it rule his dreams. It’s his far-reaching dreams which have led him to become the face of Indian cricket. Dhoni has the vision to forecast the each twist and turns of the game in all form. The way he strategize the game makes him the genius leader in the world of cricket.


Likewise, believing in self and having a confidence in what you plan is more important in financial planning process. Have a confidence that you can draw financial goals and achieve them with your consistent effort and well formed strategies. Consistency in the style of investing and strategizing the investment pattern will help you build wealth over the years. Basically, you need to establish priorities and have a game plan to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals.


  • Persistence Always Pays


If we look at M S Dhoni’s records, we can say his ‘art of persistence’ has contributed a lot to his success. As a captain he always boosts the morale of his team. It’s his positivity, motivation and trust in his knights is what has led him towards height of success. He always believed in capabilities and helped them solve the problem by persisting with them. For example, its Dhoni’s perseverance that helped Rohit to get more exposure and emerge as an opener from a middle-order batsman.


Same can be applied for our personal finance. There are always ups and downs in the investment market which are not in our control. We need to think in the long term perspective rather than getting out of the investment. It’s important to stay in the game as long as possible to achieve our long term objectives.


  • Stay Calm, Don’t be Impulsive


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is popularly titled as ‘’Captain Cool’’ because of his more composed and calm image. His ability to stay calm under pressure has helped him win many matches. It also helped him to cope up with the distressing failures. It is this special trait of Dhoni that helped him take rational decisions in toughest of situations.


Likewise, when it comes to personal finance, it’s better to stay in the course rather than taking an impulsive investment decisions. Impulsive decisions can chip away your financial goals. At the time of market crisis, staying calm helps you make more logical move.


  • Be Disciplined and Stay Focused


MSD is epitome of discipline and professionalism. It’s his hard work and discipline that made him achieve all the success. Even at this age, he puts all his hard work to get the fast one and two’s by running between the wickets. We cannot just forget that running of Virat and Dhoni in the T20 World cup. Same way, in our financial planning also practicing investment disciplines and hard work to keep the portfolio intact is the most important thing which helps us move towards our end goal. Staying focused on your end goal is all that matters in every field.


  • Timely Advice


MSD’s life has witnessed a lot of remarkable characters right from his family and friends to his coaches who shaped up his career and helped him achieve all the success. It was the timely guidance and advice which helped him reach the peak.


Likewise, in financial planning also it’s vital to seek timely advice from financial adviser. You can take more rational decisions with the help of unbiased advice’s from your financial adviser in order to achieve all your personal financial goals.


Final Word of Thoughts…

As we celebrate the success of Mahindra Singh Dhoni – legendary cricketer, let’s take away some of his innate qualities and apply in the field of investment to successfully accomplish our financial goals.

To say in his own words –‘’ If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.’’

Let’s also be like him when planning our personal finance. All that we need to do is set the goal and work towards it.

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